FRB LIVE CENTERS “82 SERIES” TECHNICAL FEATURES: “82 Serie” live centers have been designed considering the specific machining features of the gear cutting machines. Interrupted cut of hobs requires the live center is extremely rigid (that is why it has been assembled with needle bearings) and it has not to reach high rotational speed. One more important feature of these live centers is the reduced dimensions of their body in order to let the hob gets in and out from the gear. To increase rigidity of the live center, its shaft is manufactured of tool steel and throught hardened. Maintenance: Remove the screw ! and extract the shaft. Then the shaft can be repaired or replaced by one of the interchangeable shafts. If live centers standard are not those ones required, please complete the drawing below with needed dimensions. All live centers are grease lubricated.

Dimensions in mm(inch),kg(lb),giri/min(r.p.m.)
Code Morse Taper A mm (inch) B mm (inch) C mm (inch) G mm (inch) Ø E mm (inch) Ø F mm (inch)
010182031 CM3 (MT3) 77 (3.031) 84.2 (3.315) 49 (1.929) 46 (1.811) 42 (1.654) 29 (1.142)
010182041 CM4 (MT4) 78.5 (3.091) 102.7 (4.043) 50.5 (1.988) 46 (1.811) 42 (1.654) 29 (1.142)
010182051 CM5 (MT5) 98.5 (3.878) 129.5 (5.098) 57.5 (2.264) 68 (2.677) 62 (2.441) 45 (1.772)